Real estate was not able to buy two billion quota!


Real ambition wanted to be more liberal, spent 214 million euros!
PSG to Kiliyan Mbeeppe in 180 million euros Although the papers on paper have been shown in 2018, the last season is padding on the jersey of the PSG Embaeppe. Real Madrid tried to drag the French star into the team. It was then known that Realio wanted to pull him up with 180 million euros. But football leaks, Real actually wanted to be more liberal for the ambition, spent 214 million euros!

2,600 crore 88 million taka in the value of Bangladesh! Since the year 2015, the real attention to EmbaP is Real. Zinedine Zidane’s choice to bring him the real effort was the real. They did not want to pay just about 180 million Euros to Monaco, who wanted to pay 34 million euros in exchange for the transfer, Real wanted to give Monaco the same. But when the opportunity to return to Paris, Emabap decided to go to PSG. Although the ambition of domestically competing is not to increase the power, the rate of embezzlement of jealousy means that Monaco And the mbpc races to win the PSG. As the world’s most expensive football player this year, Embap made Nimmer the reason for making the team rational.

Apart from PSG, however, the ambap has also availed of some additional benefits. After paying taxes, 10 million rupees are earned from PSG. It does not get 7 million bucks in the realm. Embep claimed that if Ballon d’Or wins, then PSG will have to pay equal pay with Neymar, which means 30 million euros a year. But the proposal was rejected by the PSG But PSG will provide one million Euros at one time. Apart from this, Embap wanted to fly 50 hours of private aircraft in a year. The PSG did not agree PSG has agreed to pay a Butler, a driver and a security guard.


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