Nassau and Isro warned India


The danger in Asia’s Near East According to a joint statement by analyzing the recent satellite images, NASA has said that Indian Space Research Organization ISRO and US Space Research Organization.

According to the joint statement, the air sac is made of the air in Asia.
But what is this Arsenal? The question arises. There is also a question about how much damage can be erased. The presence of nitrate found in this Roselle

ISRO scientists said that the level of polluted gas emitted from the vehicles, gas produced by burning waste, and the combination of polluted gas produced in the environment. This Roselle layer is formed below the troposphere and under the stratosphere. The level of erosion with nitrate, created from 16.5 kilometers to 18.5 kilometers of surface area. This layer was originally made with a particle of fewer than 0.25 microns and the remaining volatile gas.

Scientists say that as much pollution will increase on the surface of the earth, this dense cosine layer will be denser. In recent studies, the presence of nitrate has been remarkable. As a result, scientists have warned that the combination of these gases may gradually lethal.

However, it has been reported in the joint statement that NASA and ISRO joint ventures are still under examination. Two space research organizations have said that it will be run in Asian countries to prevent this erosol. Especially in the winter season, so that the pollution can be prevented. This campaign will be run from this year to 2020.


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