Most expensive houses around the world


Xanadu 2.0 (United States)
Bill Gates’ luxury house, it’s worth $123 million. One of the most eccentric residential plots out there, the Xanadu has a trampoline room with a 60 ft ceiling and a separate 3,900 sqft building for a 60 ft pool with an underwater music system.

Antilia (India)
Priced at $1 billion, Antilia is a private residence owned by Mukesh Ambani. This 27-storey building has 48,000 sqft of living space, 10 elevators and is 170 meters high.

Villa Leopolda (France)
Built by King Leopold II and recently purchased by Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov this huge villa has 27 stories, 19 bedrooms and was used as a set for the movie, To Catch a Thief. As of now, it costs $750 million.


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