Discover the eighth continent of Earth in the sea!


We know that there are seven continents in the world. But imagine, another continent is hidden just below New Zealand.

Zillandia (New Zealand + India) has been named the continent which is flooded in the southwestern Pacific Ocean.
A group of US scientists have confirmed the discovery of another continent beyond the current 7 continents of the world. After the new week’s visit to the Pacific, they confirmed the information on the eighth continent on Wednesday.

Most of the new continent is surrounded by the South Pacific Ocean. Most of it is currently under water. The new continent has been called ‘Islandia’ because it is closer to the Island of New Zealand.

Scientists believe that about eight million years ago this region was on the water and there lived people and other animals.

Recently, a 32-member team of National Science Foundation (NSF) scientists traveled the region for research in the region for nearly two months. After the journey, they publish this information.

The program director of the NSF Pacific Ocean, Jamia Allen, said that the continent started drifting down the water some 60 million years ago.

He said that this campaign of scientists is a breakthrough in the history of the world. Through it many new information can be found about the history of the world, the evolution of mountains and the structure of the terracotta plates.

Most of the area of Zilandia is about 1 kilometer below sea level. It is estimated to be about 49 million square kilometers square kilometers.


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