‘The world will become a fire of fire due to population growth’

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Physics and mathematician Stefan Hawking’s speech revolted around the media from the social media. Within 600 years this world will become a fireball or fire.

The world’s famous scientist said in a video that population growth and energy expenditure would happen.

In addition, he also said, in the face of human existence crisis. If you want to survive, you will have to go to a place where nobody has been there before.

Scientists believe that Alpha Centauri is one of the closest planets in the Solar System that can be inhabited just like Earth, to humans. Hawking said about a spacecraft named Nanocraft that will reach Mars in less than an hour. It will take a day to reach Pluto, on the other hand it will take 20 years to reach Alpha Centauri.

It is to be noted that a Russian youth named Bariska has already responded. According to her claim, she was a resident of Mars before she was born on earth. In the past, Mars was knocked out in the fight of nuclear weapons.

Not only that, the height of the inhabitants of Mars is 7 feet. Living under the ground are theirs. Not as oxygen-like humans, breathing episodes of carbon dioxide continue to happen.

According to Boris, after 35 years, the inhabitants of Mars do not get older, and they are also very advanced in terms of technology. In this way, the Russian youth said many words of Nalotha, the young man, School student Boriska also said that there was a close relationship with the ancient Egyptians. Then he came to the world as a pilot.

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