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Voting started in the mid-term elections in the United States today. Although there is no change in power through this election, the numbers of the majority can be changed in the legislature of both the legislatures. Opposition Democratic Party is likely to take control of the two chambers of the current Congress controlled by the Republican Party.

Although there is no change of power through this election, people’s attitude towards trump administration can be known. And on the basis of this public opinion, the continuity of the various discussed-criticized steps taken by the current administration is the matter of continuation. Speaking about the uncertainty of President Donald Trump on 5th November in Indiana’s Fort Wayne, this uncertainty is clear. Trump said in the statement, “All our achievements are so risky today.”

The opponent can say anything to the trump that he is saying. It can be said that, in spite of not being able to argue, the results of the mid-term elections will determine the future of the steps taken by the Administration of Trump in various areas of health, border security, immigration. Former President Barack Obama, who has been active in politics for a long time, said in the last election campaign meeting, “What is the character of our country depends on the ballot.” In addition to this he described the midterm elections as “the most important of life” in a Twitter post.

In the midterm elections, all the seats of the 435 seats in the House of Representatives and 35 seats in the Senate are being held. Besides, elections to the state legislatures, including the governor’s post of 36 states, will play an important role in the next presidential election. Republicans in the two chambers of the legislature are currently the majority. In order to get the majority in the House of Representatives, Democrats will have to win more seats as well as the current seats. The senate account is easy to understand. There are two additional seats needed by the Democrats.

The BBC’s news report said that this is expected to witness massive voter turnout in the mid-term elections. Today the first vote was started in the East Coast of Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York and Virginia. As already advanced in the election, 2014 has already surpassed. In this year’s election, there were 3 crore 43 lakh votes. In 2014, the number was 27 million.

If the Republicans can hold majority in the Senate and the election council, they will go ahead on achieving the goal declared by the trump. But if they lose majority in either or both, then Democrats can stop trump plans, and may even lead on the opposite path.
According to the opinion polls, the Democrats are more likely to win in the 23 seats needed for the majority of the House of Representatives. They may even get an additional 10-15 seats. But there is doubt in the Senate for their majority.

Democrats are ahead of fundraising in this election. Democrat candidates in the delegation collected a total of 64 million and 9 million dollars from different individuals. On the contrary, the amount of funds collected by the Republican party candidates is $ 31 million and two million dollars. Democrats are dreaming of a big victory in this election.
However, in the BBC’s report, five areas have been specifically mentioned for controlling the overall voting results. It is said, win-loss in Kentucky’s Sixth District will carry an indication of the results of the entire election. Republican team Andy Barr and Amy McGrath of the Democratic Party are contesting this election. Two years ago Trump from this region got a pretty easy win. If Democrats win this seat, it seems to be a sign of the Republicans. Likewise, the governor position in Florida will be the focus of everyone. Because a Bammunsk Democrat is fighting against a hardline Republican for this post. Look at the governor position in Georgia. If won, Stasi Abrams will be the first female African-American governor. The selection of Senate in Texas and Arizona will be important. Republican Senator Ted Cruz is fighting against Democrat Beto Andor, who is considered as the Democratic New Star. And two women fighting in Arizona, who will win, it will be history.

Not to be said that the mid-term elections are becoming decisive in the matter of immigration and economics. Trump says the economy will be damaged if the Democrats win, and there will be no security at the border. And Democrats call this speech as politics of division and call for unity. They are talking about diversity and multicultural America. Trump has already been able to provoke his supporters with his hardline. How successful the Democrats are against him, now that’s the point of view.

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