The trump to announce the use of emergency power to build walls

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US President Donald Trump confirmed the use of emergency powers in the US-Mexico border construction. This ‘wall work will be done’ in his language. However, it would not be easy to apply the emergency power of trumpets, that aspect has started coming from different sides.

Trump said, “I have signed the order, now legal battle will be done.”
The Democrats and the Republicans have been preventing the central government’s deadlock surrounding the construction of walls on reaching consensus. However, it is easy to imagine that the political water will be further dashed in front of the wall issue.

According to BBC Online news, Democrats have declared legal battle against the announcement of the state of emergency in Trump. They said it was the president’s “big abuse of power”. Speaker Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi told the Democrats yesterday that the Democrats should challenge it legally if the President declares an emergency.

Trump said in the White House Rose Garden on Friday that he would get $ 800 million to build a wall through the use of emergency powers. Trump said the United States faces a national security crisis on the southern border. Drugs, smuggling chakras, illegal people are entering. It is unacceptable. Everyone knows that the construction of the walls will work.

The construction of the wall can be taken from the $ 800 million military construction project. However, the amount of money the Trumpk is asking for, is much less than the potential cost of building walls. Estimated cost for construction of 3,200 km of border at the border has been estimated at 2 billion and 300 million dollars.

Trump said his move could be in the face of the case and his idea that the legal challenge will go to the Supreme Court.
In the few hours of this statement of Trump, the first legal challenge is to declare a national emergency. An Advocacy Group, a civilian citizen, accused the court of favoring the nature and nature of three landowners of the United States of Texas.

According to the BBC’s analysis, the trump is going to set a dangerous precedent by this step. There are many Republicans in the Senate and the Assembly, they are not comfortable with this trump. Because the President is not the President of the constitutional management, the Congress distributes such funds. Through this step, the President will acquire a large number of land. It will shorten the position of Republicans in Congress and set a dangerous example.

The President can declare a state of emergency during the national crisis in the United States. In the case of trump, the crisis has been created due to immigrants gathered in the US-Mexico border.
According to experts, the President has the power to declare the state of emergency in passing special political process. The announcement of an emergency will allow the president to take money from the budget allocated for military or disaster funds to build walls.

Earlier, the United States-Mexico border on the issue of budget debate, the record number of the United States in history was closed for 35 days a part of the federal government’s work (shutdown). Fifteen million workers of the federal government have been paid without the payment of money. Federal workers protested against this. Afterwards, under the pressure of political pressure, the President of the federal government was reinstated on January 25 by President Trump. But the trump to fund the federal government till February 15. If the Congress does not allocate funds according to his claims, he again threatens to shutdown.

The Republican President said he would not sign any budget document if he did not get $ 570 million to build a wall. The issue of building walls on the border was his election pledge. But Democrats, who are in control of the delegation, refuse to pay according to trump demand.

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