The story of making iPhone

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IPhone happiness for anyone, danger to anyone, danger to anyone, and for others, Afsos But the people who created the iPhone, do they think? Apple’s engineer said that the iPhone brought bad experiences in his life. While making the iPhone, the wife has gone to her. Divorce happened.

According to the report of The Sun Online in the UK, Brian Merchant wrote a book titled ‘The One Device: The Secret History of the iPhone’. In the book, the life story of the engineers associated with the creation of the iPhone.

In 2007, Apple’s founder Steve Jobs started the iPhone’s journey by hand. He is called a visionary and technician to change the world. She led the creation of iPhone. According to a report in the New York Post, Brian Merchant wrote in his book, Steve Jobs put pressure on employees while creating the iPhone. They created scary atmosphere. This resulted in unrest in many families. Many people have broken their lives.

Merchant said, Steve Jobs was a strict caretaker. He killed workers. Besides, the workers were kept behind each other in the scary environment. As a result, many personal lives have become more and more endangered.

According to the staff working on the iPhone project in the book, it has been said that the workers were sleeping in the night for years to build the iPhone. They did not have weekly holidays.

Senior iPhone engineer Andy Grignin said that the work experience of that time was horrific. He said, ‘The worst time of our professional life.’

Grignin said, ‘I broke my family because of the iPhone. The wife has left me. “The experience of Greginine has been similar to some other employees.

During the creation of the iPhone, P1 and P2 shared two jobs in the job, Jobs. The two groups kept each other against each other. P1’s work was to add more features to the iPod’s function. They make a phone while doing so, which can allow scrolling through click wheels. However, the P2 team won the competition. Their job was to create a new touch interface.

Merchant said, the quarrel between the two parties was so much that they did not want to sit in one room.

Grignin claimed that there was no end to them. Inserting a group of smart workers into a pressure cooker. They were pressured to tell them to do their impossible job.

They had to work in an environment where there was no window. The whole project was made secretly with Purple codenamed. There was no permission to enter any clean worker.

IPhone software developer Scott Forrestle said that the iPhone was made, the entire area was kept locked. The four-garment dresses were tested and then they could go there.

Merchant wrote in the book, There was a poster fired for the workers to keep the project secret. Steve Jobs was very angry and would have expelled the worker without any notice at any time.

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