Russia-China prepares war against America

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Russia and China are preparing for war. They are making tools to fight the US. But not in the water or in the place, in the interior. The two countries have taken the decision to prevent US satellite missiles that can be used to protect communications between soldiers.

This report was published by the Pentagon. It has been said that Moscow and Beijing will finish the work within the next few years. Russia and China are creating this “destructive” weapon for a possible war in space.

Two members of the United Nations Security Council said the use of this anti-satellite weapon will be used to stop the military impact. Such information has been published in the report. The FBI and the CIA and the National Security Agency published this report.

These anti-satellite weapons will have ballistic missiles. It is designed to be used to destroy the spoken base system. Among them, there is counter space Technology. According to the report, if there is a conflict with Russia or China in the future, then these satellites will prevent the United States from providing military, civil or commercial facilities.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping’s relations with the US are not going to be good anymore The threat has come from the Kremlin a few days ago. Russia says that if any attacks on the Syrian soil, the US government will understand what could be a terrible situation.

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