Raymond: The Battle of Bapatara with the billions of dollars of empire

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Raymond has not heard the name of the group – that is less. The organization of this organization of India has fame. Raymond is popular in Bangladesh. But the billions of dollars worth of celebrities started in this institution have the power of power. They are also among themselves. Speaking more clearly, in the Father-in-Beta. Baba stooped on his forehead, why did he give the boy so much power! Due to his son, he is going to be now a luxury house and huge size!

The news of this father-beta conflict has been reported in international media.

According to AFP news agency, Vijaya Singhania thought that the empire of the garment industry would be kept in her own family for billions of dollars. Three years ago, as a gift, Gautam Singhania handed over the authority of Raymond Group to the son. From then on, the relationship between the two started to worsen. Now the father, Vijeta Singhania, thinks the boy has cheated him and he is trying to get him out of luxury apartments and institutions. The 80-year-old congressman claimed that he made the wrong decision after being emotionally poisoned.

Vijpat Singhania has become a billionaire from the small textile business today. Raymond Group is now said to be the world’s largest organization in terms of production of woollen suit suits. The group also has cement, dairies and technology businesses.

According to the Swiss-based Credit Suisse report recently, India has been ranked third in the world after China and the United States, with the number of domestic businesses formed by several organizations.

However, it is like some analysts who are trying to control the right of power among the families and to try to regulate the new generation. In India, such family business establishments need to establish global corporate standards to ensure better governance.

There is also a fight in India’s other rich wealthy Ambani family. If there is any standard, then such a fight can be prevented. Currently, Mukesh Ambani, the richest person in Asia, After the death of father Dhirubhai, Mukesh Ambani, his brother Anil, has been facing controversy for years after the death of Reliance Group.

Another Indian industrialist, Wave Group owner Ponty Chadha, was shot dead in 2012 due to a conflict over his brother Hardeep property.

Family members of Ranbaxy, a family drug company and a rewilder, are accused of fighting between two brothers, Shibendra Singh and Malvinder Singh.

The Battle of Bapat-Beta with Raymond Group started in 2015, after giving away 37 per cent stake in the son’s victory in the son’s victory in Gautam.

According to the contract, he got an apartment in JK House 36-storey in Singhania family in Malabar Hill area of Mumbai. The luxurious apartment is priced at a lower price than the market price. Gautam advised Raymond Board that the apartment is considered as selling valuable assets of the company.

When the dispute became paramount when the board took charge of an indirect indictment of the organization in the letter and took ‘Chairman Emeritus’ title of the victory. Vijaypath complained that he was expelled from the organization and was given the stamp of ‘Padma Bhushan’ by his post and the title of the Indian government given him. He said he did not speak to the boy for two years. Now thinking of going to court against the son. In accordance with India’s law of 2007, parents can take back the property as a gift to their parents if the parents’ basic needs are not met. Thinking of taking the protection of the law of victory.

Victory Singhania, commenting that 93-year-old Raymond Group was handed over to Gautam for being “extremely stupid”.

Bijapat also said that in the lifetime, no parents should ever make the mistake of handing over their resources to the children.

But Gautam said that he only performed his duties. She did the right thing. As chairman of Raymond, his responsibility as a boy is different from his responsibility. His father took the assets of the organization as a member of the Vijaya Board. He said, ‘I suffered. Did I make a mistake? After the company took control of the father, the whole game changed. Now I can make many decisions to increase the organization’s income, which I could not have done before. ‘

However, this battle of father-beta did not have any apparent impact on Raymond Group. In the first eight months of the year, the company has increased 50 per cent profit in the first eight months. Raymond Group recently opened a big factory in Ethiopia. Exporting their products to more than 55 countries

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