Now the prairie magic of the cricket advertisement is trembling

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Malayalam film actress Priya Prakash Bharia has shocked the world with a brilliant eyebrow. Now he was seen in an advertisement. There too, his trademark eyebrows were seen trembling eyes. The ad recently came in the promotion. That is also in the discussion.

That ad was chocolate. There, in the advertisement of cricket, Priya performed the magic of the eye. The common viewers now feel the IPL. This ad is specially designed to spread the heat of this season.

The ad has been filmed inside a stadium. Where cricket practice is going on. Priya is eating chocolate while sitting on the boundary line on one side. Suddenly, a player’s hit came in the boundary line to Priya. Another player came and asked the ball for him. Then, with the magic of the eye, Priya said, ‘Maa Fakei Hui Chies, do not rise.’

The view of this ad video is 61 days, 751 in 5 days. Joe Priya is less than the 26-second video view.

The movie ‘Oru Adar Love’ was first seen in Priya’s movie in Malwa. His appearance was only 26 seconds. In this, Priya became the social media sensation overnight in the eyes of her eyes and laughs.

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