The murderer team took the finger to prove the murder of the Khasogi

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After the murder of journalist Jamal Khasogi, one of his finger was taken to Saudi Arabia, Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman gave this order to prove that the kill mission was successful. Iran’s Tehran Times and United Kingdom’s report cited the closest reference to the royal family.

According to some international media news, the khasagiri cut finger was presented to Saudi Prince Raja Salman. The close proximity of the royal family said, “Prince Salman always says, he will cut off the fingers of the writers who criticize him. It is possible that this happened to journalist Jamal Khasogi. ‘
However, it was not told in the news of international media, where the cut-off finger was placed after the presentation to Salman Khan.

On October 2, the Saudi reporter Jamal Khasogi was missing since he entered the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, seeking the need for personal papers. Turkey has been claiming from the beginning, Khasogi killed Saudi Charaites inside consulate building. Last year, Saudi prince Mohammad bin Salman got angry after accepting the dignity of Khasogi. He left the country and went to voluntary immigration in the United States. In the Washington Post, Yuvraj wrote a column after the criticism of Mohammad’s activities. The allegation has been raised, in the direction of Yuvraj, the assassination took place under state patronage.

After 17 days, Jamal Khasogi was killed in Istanbul’s embassy, said Saudi Arabia. The Saudi royal family faced various criticism about this. The anger grew in the world. But a Saudi official said before that, Yuvraj did not know anything about the whole operation of the murder of Khasogi. He did not order to kidnap or kill anyone. For three weeks, this crisis has become more complex and complex. At the same time, Saudi Arabia changes frequently due to the consequences of khasogi. At first they denied the fact that they were killed. Then he says, he died on one stage of the blast in the consulate.

Khasogir dress and another officer went out
Earlier, a top Saudi official handed down ‘new information’ on the murder of Jamal Khasogi. The official told Reuters that 15 Saudi officials went to Istanbul and threatened to intimidate the consignment in Khasogi and cut them in the face of resistance.

The Saudi official said that Jamal Khasogi was killed inside the consulate and after leaving the Khasogir dress, one official left the consulate. Jamal Khasogi got out of the consulate – to prove that it is a strategy to take refuge.

The Saudi official said the Deputy Inspector General of Saudi Arabia’s Major General Ahmed al-Assiri formed 15 groups. After meeting with Jamal Khasogi, the government wanted to convince him and bring him back home. For this, the 15-member team was sent to Istanbul. The permanent order of peaceful means to bring him back was issued to every member of the 15-member team. But there were 15 people who had the ability to make any decision without permission. The group had planned, the dead body would be kept out of Istanbul for a specific time. If he does not want to return to Riyadh at the end, he will be released.

Saudi officials said that there were many instructions for the 15 people. But at the beginning, everything went wrong. At one stage the officials violated the order and became violent. They took Khasogi to the Consul General’s office. Where he got involved in a complaint with an officer named Maher Mutareb. Khasogi told mutareb, if he does not leave the consulate building within one hour, then contact the Turkish authorities will be outside his girlfriend who is outside.

Due to mutual violation of diplomatic policy-morality, Khasogi said, “What are you going to do with me?” Do you want to kidnap me? Maher Mutareb said, yes. We’ll give you a medicine and take it away from here. When the Khasogi started crying, then face cloth was inserted to calm him. Khasogi died due to stroke and failed to stop crying.

The Saudi authorities have said that 17 days after the incident, ‘Khasogi died at one stage of the tragedy’. Until then, the country was refusing to comment on the incident.

Khasogir dead body recovered
A British press has claimed that parts of the body of Jamal Khasogi have been found. According to a trusted source, on Tuesday, Sky News said that part of the dead body was recovered from the building of the Saudi Consul General’s residence in Istanbul.

Sky News reported that the body of the dead body was cut into pieces after the assassination. Citing another source, the media claimed that Khasogi’s face was distorted. The story was published after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s speech was not disclosed by Khasogi’s body. However, Sky News did not give details of where and how, when, the remains were recovered.

Turkish President Erdouan had earlier said, “Why a person’s body will not be found even after being killed officially?” Erdouan said this after the Saudi authorities acknowledged the killing of Khasogi.

On Monday, Saudi Arabia admitted that journalist Jamal Khasogi was killed. The country’s claim, the miscreants caused the killings. In an interview with Fox News, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Zubair said that it was a terrible mistake. He said that the Crown Prince was not involved in the incident.

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