Jack Ma’s letter: Alibaba was established to cross three centuries

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In 1999, as an e-commerce marketplace, Alibaba launched. Since then, Jack Ma has led the organization. Currently Jack is considered as the wealthiest person in China. According to Forbes, his total assets amounted to 3,660 million US dollars. On September 10, he announced the decision to step down from the post of chairman of the company, where he said the decision to retire is the result of the 10-year plan. In the letter, Alibara’s founding goals, current status and future plans. Jack Ma’s letter to Alibaba subscribers and partners is exactly the same.
Dear Subscribers and Partners of Alibara,

At the entrance of the 19th founding year of Alibaba, I would like to inform you some great information. With the approval of our board of directors, right after one year from today, on 10 September, Alibaba will be replaced by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alibaba Group on Saturday, the 20th anniversary of Alibaba, Daniel Jang, CEO, CEO. (Leadership level) I’ll work closely with Danil for the next 12 months to make this change easy and successful. But till the annual general meeting of the 2020 with partners, I will be in the board of directors of Alibaba.

For the past 10 years I have thought a lot about this change plan. Got ready Today I am very happy to announce that plan. Thanks to the Alibaba partner and its governing body. At the same time, I want to thank all my colleagues and their families in Alibaba. Because for the last 19 years you have achieved the strength and confidence of all of your faith, support and joint ventures.
This change is giving our message to Alibaba to be upgraded to the next step, where the organization relies on corporate good governance. At this stage, the development of intellectual and institutional excellence is visible.

During the establishment of Alibaba in 1999, our goal was to build an institution, for which China will be proud of the whole world, which will last for three and a half centuries to at least 102 years. Although we knew that it could not be possible for anyone to join this company for 102 years. The continuation of good governance and merit development can make Alibaba sustainable. No company can depend on its founders only. I also know the truth. It is not possible for the life and the responsibility of the CEO and CEO to carry on the basis of physical strength and power limit.

After Jack’s mother’s departure, Alibaba was able to keep the sustainable development possible – we did it ourselves 10 years ago. We found a way to solve the problem of corporate leadership. It is to build an arrangement to create an intelligent culture and a meritorious successor in good governance within an organization. For the last 10 years we have worked with this goal.\

It is not possible for anyone to be associated with this company for 102 years. The continuation of good governance and merit development can make Alibaba sustainable. No company can depend on its founders only. I also know the truth. It is not possible for the life and the responsibility of the CEO and CEO to carry on the basis of physical strength and power limit.

As a trained teacher, I am very proud to achieve this goal. A teacher is always asking, the disciple should surrender to him. That is why I and the organization became the sole responsibility of building an arrangement where young and intellectuals came to the leadership level and took us ‘to simplify the business in any context’ policy and will take aim. My addiction to run to this goal by cooperating with small and small business initiatives taken by young and women around the world. It was our intention from the very first day. We are grateful to have this opportunity. It is possible to understand this dream only by focusing on the participation of more people than Jack Ma.

Alibaba is not only great for its business, range and achievements. Its most important aspect is to unite everyone with the same goal and vision. Our partnership arrangements, intuitional culture and meritorious workforce have established a strong foundation of our organization. It is necessary to say that since the transfer of the CEO’s responsibility in 2013, for the last five years, Alibaba has been well-organized on the basis of its strong foundation.

Our most innovative solution to sustain the organization and establish good governance in it was to create a partnership system. Through it, it has been possible to deal with many challenges that Harhamsai felt in large-scale companies such as innovation, leadership, accountability and cultural continuity. We have created our management model by creating a balance between individuals and structures by conducting several examinations for years. Solving the problem is not possible by establishing confidence in a person or just following the structure blindly. To sustain sustainable growth in long term, there should be a balance between individuals, structures and internal culture. Our partnership system and cultural protection initiative will win the hearts of all our customers, employees and partners.
At the time of establishment we realized that Alibaab would have to rely on a certain merit. After many years of hard work, Alibaba is proud of a lot of high quality talent. My inner teacher is proud of the culture of our workforce, leadership, goal-oriented mentality. At the same time, I am also proud of our exceptional business leadership and talented professionals like Daniel Zhang.

Daniel Alibaba has been with the group for 11 years. Since taking charge of CEO, he has been introducing great talent, business intelligence and targetive leadership. Under his supervision, Alibaba achieved continuous and sustainable growth in the 13th straight year. His analytical ability is not comparable. He has taken full responsibility with our mission and purpose. He also has the courage to experiment with innovation and creative business model. (For this reason) the Chinese business media has recognized him as the best CEO of the year 2015. Through all these things, he has gained the confidence of his team subscribers, employees and partners. The decision to hand over Alibbar torch to Daniel and his team is justified from all sides. This is the right time. By working with them I know that they are ready. I have full confidence in our next generation leadership.

It is said about myself that I still have many dreams, behind which I want to run. Those who know me know that I do not like to sit idle. As a founding partner of Alibaba, I am planning to do my duties. I want to contribute as a partner. At the same time, I want to go back to the field of education, which I still excite me very much. Because I love it. The world is big, and I’m still young. So I want to do something new; Other ways to implement new dreams!
Today I can give a promise: Alibaba does not mean that only Jack’s mother does not, but Jack’s mother will always remain in Alibaba.

Jack mother
September 10, 2018

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