China’s broken space station can be thrown on the earth!

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In March of 2017, Tiangong-1, a satellite of its own, became unusable, China told UN. Although they did not disclose any more information. Recently, the TianGong-1 space station has now gone out of control, said China.

That is, TianGu-1 is now roaming in space with its own intention. But there was no problem in just going around. But it is now fast approaching the world. Because science says, which goes up once, it will come down at a time. And this theory is afraid of space scientists.

It is known that it is normal to have concerns about what might be happening in Tianjong-1, where it will come. However, according to scientists, the satellite will not hit the earth with its full weight. Andrew Abram, the science-engineer of the Aerospace Corporation of California, said that it would break down a long way into space.

Naturally, in that case, the danger is more bored. Because, even the smallest pieces of paper where the head is coming, the scientist can say it is impossible. They could only say that fragments can enter 43 degrees north and south latitudes of the Earth. And it can not be said until two days before touching the earth, where the pieces will fall.

Approximately, at the end of March this year, the fraction of the TianGong-1 satellite will touch the earth’s surface, space scientists said.

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