The Amazon Headquarters is not in New York

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Amazon’s second headquarters is not in New York City. The new headquarters was to be established in Long Island City, New York. But the tech company was reversed in the face of intense agitation. On February 14, Amazon’s spokesman Jodi Sheeth told this information at noon.
On February 14, Amazon said that plans to build a corporate campus in New York City were being canceled. In Queens, Long Island City, it was planned to build a massive complex of about 300 million dollars. But the agreement relating to the local lawmakers was strongly opposed. In this situation, Amazon decided to withdraw from the contract.
In response to the establishment of the Amazon headquarters in New York, the protesters said in an instant reaction that they were happy with the backing of the mass movement of the masses, and Amajon retreated. The main criticism of the agreement to set up this headquarters was to subsidize an organization like Amazon.

The decision of Amazon was a big hit for New York Governor Andrew Coomo and Mayor Bill de Bleizio. The main initiative to bring Amazon to New York was the main initiative. But if the Amazon comes to New York, the local lawmakers begin to oppose the rising housing prices and public transport.

Originally, human rights activists started this movement, which did not take time to spread everywhere. Dwellers, especially residents of Long Island City, were the most vocal in this area. The reason for the protests was that the New York City house rent is constantly increasing. People are struggling to cope with the upturn in house rent. In this situation, two thousand people of the Amazon and their families, together with 200,000 people, will also be able to increase the rent multiplied by the city. The chaotic public transport system will become more chaotic. Increase the traffic jam. In addition, immigration police uses the technology that captures illegal immigrants, its providers also Amazon. Immigrants in the city of New York, Amazon will increase the fear of immigrants. Because if the main center of the Amazon is New York, then such arrests will increase further.

According to the protesters, the Amazon 360 million dollar project will affect Queens Baro Long Island City and its surrounding area and its residents. Especially in Astoria, Sunside, Woodside, Jackson Heights, Elmhurst area will suffer public life.

Soon after the declaration of setting up headquarters in New York, the movement started. The protesters in front of the Amazon Store in Manhattan gave slogans against the mayor and the governor. They claim that housing companies invested billions of dollars behind Andrew Cummo and Bill de Bleizio during the last mayor and the governor’s election. From Amazon, they invested so much in the back of two politicians – Amazon will take advantage of the leaps that will come home when New York enters New York. Among the movement’s organizations, the large forces of drums, aligns, retail action projects, retail action unions, make the road, and social democrats were in front row.

Kazi Fozia, a human rights activist of the social and political organization, said that many schools in New York City are being closed down due to financial constraints, some schools can not provide educational equipment properly, why they are waiving taxes for the next five years – it did not come to my mind. Surely there are other objectives behind this. “Earlier, the people of Seattle were carrying out the movement and said,” This victory of the workers and ordinary New Yorkers is a reason for our encouragement. When people are united, those who are bent on standing in the hills of capital, have to retreat. Victory of the victory, the victory of the people. ‘

Kazi Fozia said, “The experience of Silicon Valley of Amazon was not good. Facebook, Google and Amazon wanted to set up the main center in San Francesco’s area. The locals left the area due to the increase in house rent. Even many Amazon staff can not afford to rent a house sleeping in the car at night. This will happen in New York.

During the protests, the protesters called the mayor and the governor a mass killer. Some of the councilors claimed that Mayor Blagoi scanned his signature and passed the bill to bring Amazon to the city. They questioned, who will be responsible for the displacement of people due to Amazon? In the civil war, they urged people around Long Island City to come forward. At the same time, the migrants warned that Amazon will sell technology to immigration police They will work as a cyber-informant, against unregistered migrants.

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