7 signs of stroke

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For some reason, if any part of the brain decreases blood flow, brain tissue can cause death and obstruction of the body’s natural function. The sudden reduction in blood flow in the brain is called bleeding or brain stroke. From this, there may be brain damage, paralysis, and even death.

Before the stroke, if you recognize the symptoms of stroke and take it to the doctor quickly, it is possible to prevent the patient from fatal damage. Let us know from today’s report that seven symptoms of stroke are known.

1. Half of the mouth becomes numb-

If you suddenly do not smile at the face of the face or the face is completely numb, then it is a clear sign of stroke. When the nerves of the blood suppliers in your mouth muscles are damaged due to oxygen supply decreases, which results in this.

2. An arm weakness-

Another obvious sign of stroke is that there is no weakness or numbness in an arm that you can not drag on it.

3. Speaking of ambiguity-

If you were to sound vague while talking suddenly, it would be a sign of stroke. This is due to the fact that your brain stopped talking and stopped the supply of blood in the control area.

4. On one side of the body, weakness or paralysis –

Stroke symptoms also appear in some parts of the body or half of the total weakness or paralysis. As soon as there is a symptom of such symptoms, you should go to the doctor and the doctor.

5. Muscle clippers-

If the muscles of the muscles of your muscles are stopped, then muscles of one or more parts of your body will become tough. Usually, this happens in any half part of the body.

6. Blurred vision-

Another symptom of a stroke is that your eyesight blurred. This can happen because of the reduction of oxygen supply on the part of the brain that controls your vision.

7. An acute headache-

If you are suffering from a severe headache than any a previous headache, then you have to be infected with the stroke. And this pain is more ache than any pain because it is like crying for your brain’s help before death.

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