6 expensive cities in 10 expensive cities are in Asia

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Of the 10 most expensive cities for expatriates, 6 are in Asia. In the list made by the consultant marker, Switzerland and Bernice and Zurich, Chad Jmina and Angola’s Luanda. The costly cities in Asia are:

China’s capital city Beijing has become the 9th most expensive city for expatriates. Over the last decade, housing costs have increased and many international schools fees. With the strengthening of Chinese currency Yuan, the cost of living of the cities of the country is also increasing.

Shanghai, China

Expats are expensive for expatriates in China and the seventh expensive city in Shanghai, Shanghai. According to the ExpressTatan website, monthly rentals of 85 square meters of furnished apartments range from 1,200 to 2 thousand 170 US dollars. Marker says the exchange rate of currency and how the price fluctuation of products and services impacts purchasing power has been published in this index.

South, South Korea

South Korean capital is the world’s fifth expensive city for expatriates. There is also a lot of coffee prices for locals like foreigners. On average, a cup of coffee costs 10 dollars. Usually a pair of blue jeans is worth 150 dollars. Marker’s survey shows comparative images of more than 200 items including food, housing, transportation and clothing.


Singapore City is the fourth most expensive city in the world for Southeast Asia expatriates. In the vast majority of products and services, this city is the world’s most expensive city. You’ll have to count over $ 100 for jeans, which is twice as big as New York. The price of gas in this country, which is centered around the city, is more than $ 2 per liter.

Tokyo, Japan

Japan’s capital city is the second most expensive city for expatriates with more than 9 million people. Marker says the Japanese Yen is weak in comparison to the US Dollar, as most of the country’s expenditures have been in the list below. Still, a 85-square-meter apartment in Tokyo equipped with three thousand 500 to two thousand 700 dollars

Hong Kong

Hong Kong has been one of the most expensive cities in the world for expatriates in 2018. Known as the global commercial center, the rented house in this city is more than any other time, which has become a cause for anxiety for family expatriates. Hong Kong is on top of gas prices. There is only the sunlie on the price of coffee.

Source: DW

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