Najmun on the road to the country with a red-green flag

Nazmun Nahar
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He is going to the city of Cuban Sinfuagos. But the car was damaged in the remote areas. There is no way to get food. Removing the terrible hunger by constantly eating sugarcane juice. He had to sleep in the cold winter in the mountainous Yellow Stone forest in America, after two sweaters and two jackets. Wildlife attack; Mountain insects bitten. He did not lose his courage even after falling three or three times in the face of Peruvian Rainbow Mountain expedition 14,000 feet high above sea level. The flag of Bangladesh has flown on the hill

Najmun Nahar, the first world-conqueror women wanderer of the Bangladesh flag, has become the nazmun Nahar through all these amazing and shocking experiences. Created new history In the last 17 years alone, the whole world is spinning alone. He has already turned 93 countries to the country’s desperate travel. Shed on the sea, many high mountains have climbed. Despite being at risk, some British colonized islands in the Caribbean Sea. He will make a century in this month’s journey – two eyes will be filled with eyes in the light of seeing 100 countries.

Nazmun Nahar started his journey through India and started his journey. He lives in Sweden. Last visited New Zealand last year. New Zealand 93th country holds its tour After that, he came to the country for three months in December, after a break in travel. Circling country To encourage young people and children to travel, various school-college-universities, residents of orphanages, and even street children have heard that he is the story of his world tour. On Thursday, he started his journey to Qatar. From Qatar, he will travel to several countries including Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and go to African countries through Europe. After that, he will make the milestone of traveling to Bhutan with the family members returning to the country.

The dream of Nazmun Nahar, the young woman, to introduce the message of Bangladesh to the people. He is going to meet a lot of people on the path you are going to be alone in that way – he travels abroad after traveling in the house with his companion, and he continues. When he talked about the journey, his eyes became a dream-when everyone was asleep in the early hours of the childhood, he saw the light of the moon sitting alone in the porch. I used to walk in the front of the house. I used to speak kindly to the nature of the night. She said that the women of Bangladesh are immensely vital in the world. The immense power of seeing their morale, hard work and nature inspired him to walk the earth-in the wilderness.

How did Nazmun Nahar think of dreaming to travel? Asked to know about this, he said that he had heard many stories about his father in his childhood. Besides, his grandfather Alhaj Fakih Moulvi Ahmad Ullah was also a travel-oriented person. He has traveled many horses from the Arabian land, sometimes in ships. The journey of both of them is in his subconscious. And there is a lot of books to add to it. He used to attract tourists from abroad and abroad. From different pages of the book, Nazmun will be able to move forward towards the path of the world.

He said that the travel story of ‘the island of Cinnamon’ was cut in his mind. Travel stories from different writers abroad also inspired him. In particular, Syed Mujtaba Ali’s’ Foreign Country ‘, Sunil Gangopadhyay’s’ Country of Poetry in the Country of the Country’, Jack Caruak’s On the Road, ‘Erik Winer’s The Geography of Bliss’, Suzanne Roberts’s’ Almost Sost Haarair’, ‘Cheryl Stroyd’s’ Wild’ Travel bloggers blog strongly encouraged him.

Nazmun was born on 12th December, 1979 in Gangapur in Lakshmipur Sadar. Father businessman Mohammad Amin did not return to the country long ago. And Maher Maher Maher Taher Amin was recently a travel companion. In addition to the Alps Mountains in Switzerland, he travels with his mother and 14 countries from Europe and America. Nazmun among the eight siblings is the smallest of all. Nandanpur Primary School, Dalal Bazar, Nabeen Kishore High School, Laxmipur Government College and Rajshahi University have passed the academic year. In 2006, he received a higher degree of education, from Lund University of Sweden. During this time, he worked in Kahlin, a company of many international organizations, including the Swedish and at the time. Grant some money every month and increase it to a new country. Finland travels on the ship Never travel alone with friends alone, teamed together. Visit the center of the conference Najmun Still unaware Nazmun Nahar travels alone, but he never feels himself alone.

Nazmun was involved with various social organizations including the Girl Scouts of the Girl Scouts of Bangladesh Scouts. She started her journey abroad through the India’s five-month tour from the Girl’s Guide Association. Chile’s Atacama, Argentina’s Mendoza City, Uruguay’s Punta del Esta, Brazil’s Foz du Iguaçu, Jamaica’s Trance Town, the Dominican Republic’s Sanaa Island, the Cancun of Mexico, the landmark of Iceland, Great Barrier Reef of Australia, Panama City, New Zealand’s Mountain Cook, Santorini Island of Greece, Hardliner of Montenegro , Bosnia and Herzegovina, Switzerland He has traveled in a number of notable places, including the Un Wreau Lauberburn Village.

Nazmun said that he had moved on to overcome various natural and environmental challenges. Many times, death has been faced. Yet he dreamed of the world. He said, when traveling alone you will learn how to adapt itself to all the environment; How to win the unfavorable environment and celebrate the freedom of life.

Najmun, who runs the world from one end of the world to the dream of fulfilling dreams, said that women are moving ahead with their own qualifications and courage in all the countries of the world. The women of Bangladesh have progressed a long way. Positive mentality has to go far further. Standing in the place of self-confidence, we have to use the motivation of our mind.

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